MES SECURITY Overall Suit Laminated Type 5/6 Disposable


Minimum order quantity 500 units



MES 5/6 model protective coveralls are protected against hazardous material particles (Type5) and chemical liquid splashes (Type6).

Protected against liquids with a chemical concentration less than 40%, Protecting against solvents,

White 53 gr / m2 fabric, Laminated film coated microporous, Breathable, - Tear, abrasion resistant, Thanks to its elastic waist and ankles, it fits the body, Antistatic Certificates and Standards:

EN 530 Abrasion Strength 2/6

EN ISO 7854 Flexible Cracking 6/6

EN ISO 9073-4 Tear Strength 2/6

EN ISO 13934-1 Tensile and Tensile Strength 1/6

EN 863 Puncture Strength 2/6 Surface Resistance - Internal and External

EN 1149-5: 2008 Passed Resistance of Material to Liquid Population

EN ISO 6530: 2005 Sulfuric Acid 3/3 Preservative-3/3 Underwear Sodium Hydroxide 3/3 sealing-3/3 repellency MES Prediction 5/6 Overalls Endurance Tip 5: Particle Test Passed Tip 6: Low Level Spray Test Passed Radioactive Particles

EN 1073-2 Class 1 Seam Strength Class 3

Overall Suit Laminated Type 5/6 Disposable

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