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Cotton, Polyester, Real leather

You have chosen Diriliş Ertuğrul Children's Costume among hundreds of children's costumes. Preparing the Ottoman state for the establishment of Ertugrul Gazi's success-filled history of your child by dressing up this costume, your child will provide a better understanding of the history and history. Ertuğrul Costume, which is designed exactly according to the clothes of the Ottoman era, will make your child very happy and always remind him of his ancestors. The accessories included and are exactly the same as you see in the picture.

Resurrection Ertugrul Costume Consists of 7 Pieces
1 piece Hat
1 pc Top Cloak
1 Piece Underwear Shirt
1 piece Pants
1 pc Sword
1 ax

Resurrection Ertugrul Kids Costume 112

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